Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Quick-fit Extruder mount and X Axis for the Printrbot 3D printer #30DoC day 5

For Day 5 of  30 days of creativity ( #30DoC ) I give you another addition to the Quick-Fit family, here is a Quick-Fit X carriage and mount for the Printrbot. Designed for any extruder's that can go on my Quick-Fit X carriage.

Mount with 3 LM8UU linear bearings and 4 x M4 bolts rather than the original 2.

Bad photo, but you get the Idea.

I have upgraded the dual bearing X Axis on the original Printrbot to a 3 bearing design, It should now perform better and be more stable doing this.

Above is the new design, below is the original - Note you don't loose any X axis movement or printing area with the Quick-Fit mount.

I'm calling it the PINKrBot for obvious reasons, if you need some ultra bright Pink PLA, Faberdashery have just launched an insanely bright and fluorescent range for the summer - * Punk Star Pink *

Files for the Printrbot Quick-Fit X carriage are up on Thingiverse Here.

While I was in the middle of drawing this for the Printrbot, a quick-fit adapter for Huxley was requested, as they share a vertical X arrangement, it should be possible. I'm just a little worried it will use up all of Huxley's X space!

#30DoC Day 5 - for inspirational work from around the world

I'm not obsessed with Extruder's and X carriages, I just really like them :)

 ** - Also Awesome things are happening over at the Unfold-Fab, right now, do take a look.

Thanks for looking, let me know if you have a Printrbot (built up) and also if you print one of these.

More tomorrow.