Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mini - MendelMAX - #30DoC days 11,12 & 13

I'm getting a little behind Blogging my 30 days of creativity ( #30DoC ) updates, but it has still been going on.

Believe it or not, I do work full time, so getting any time for RepRap is actually extremely tricky, and the daily updates have been getting later and later, so I'm going to blog a few days at a time until the end of the month if I can actually manage to stick it out that long!

One thing this has taught me is that I really enjoy writing up my ideas, developments and adventures with RepRap, but I prefer to do it after a good long session of work rather than every day...

That said, I do think it's pushing me to get around to starting all the many things I have had on my RepRap list for so long. I may not get them finished or even working, but a start is better than nothing, so I'll continue to blog ideas as I think of them and hopefully take a few of them all the way to complete solutions or working prototypes. I also think it may help as I have had so many comments, suggestions and people contacting me with similar ideas, that it's convinced me that a few smaller updates are better than one big one  when the project's finished - let me know what you think?

Mini - MendelMAX -

Recently I have had a need for a smaller machine, that's rock solid, and prints mainly smaller parts with a finer nozzle and 1.75mm filament, so I decided to build up the parts into a mini sized MendelMax (as I had initially planned many months ago, when I built up my first MAX)

Mini MendelMAX - small but great. - progress so far after 3 evenings building up.

It's not all wired up and without electronics or power at the moment.

I printed this set of parts last month, but didn't get around to deciding on a build for them, it's based on the MendelMAX V1.5 and some excellent derivatives I'll talk about below.

The lower vertex sections are the integrated design by Jib there is even a triple height version now!

The Awesome printed Y axis is by tommyc - LM8UU Y carriage for MendelMAX, and I love this design.

I disassembled my earlier frame made of green PLA-V1 MendelMAX parts and replaced them with shiny new Gold and black parts. All the black parts including the Y carriage and Quick-Fit X are made with RepRapsource ABS, all the other parts are printed with Faberdashery PLA.

I'm planning for this to print in both PLA and ABS, so I have made my own smaller heated bed with resistors and PCB Material.

I will be using the little quick-fit  'Huxley sized' extruder on this machine.

The new MendelMAX Y mentioner is really handy, as you can make your belt a little tighter just with a quick turn of the screw on the front.

The lower Motor mounts work very well, and just make the machine even easier to assemble.

For the Z Axis I decided to stick with theM6 threaded rods, they work so much better than M8, this machine will not be doing very high printing, but it will be doing very low layer heights, so M6 being 1mm pitch is a good choice.

The only thing I'm changing is by using an M6 studding connector instead of two M6 nuts, I think this should give me a little more stability, and a little more friction to deal with.

The only other mechanical change I made was to add some little PTFE end-caps to the threaded rod ends, this helps stop them wobbling around and reduces noise.

I also wanted a small printer robust enough to carry around to events and meetings, this should do the trick, it's going to be bomb-proof.

I'll let you know how the rest of the build goes, and also how well it prints.

Thanks for looking.