Gallery and mystery sandpit...

Image gallery of printed objects and 3D printer development.

This page is basically somewhere I can pop up work in progress and notes on printing things, settings etc.

Testing out some new PLA materials - more details later on this - Very, very Shiny :)

UV stability testing...

Upgrading the BigBox -

RepRap Competition prints - First prints - 

Needs a lot more work to get this printing well...

first neon print 2 outlines no infill

Extruding 5.000000mm of filament.
Print Started at: 09:26:12
Print ended at: 10:05:42
and took: 00:39:30

Slicer Failure - V0.8.3 - 

Slic3r filling in holes in my gears - 

Holes filled using concentric infill

Still filled using Rectilinear

ok when using 10 perimeters and Rectilinear infill

RPi - little break-out board -

350% sized Gear Crank and original sized crank

350% outer gear ring

350% 2-stage gear set assembled.
Shown against original sized 6 stage set. 

Problem prints -

0.3mm layers on the left / 0.2mm layers on the right

RepRap Printing calibration challenge - October 10th 2012

I Just quickly printed one on it's own, with my normal settings for RepRap parts - I think it came out perfectly, or at least as I expected -

25% infill
1 perimeters (+extra when needed)
3 solid layers
0.3mm layers

Maybe you should also add a printing time element - this sample print was 9mins 21 seconds - it could be printed a lot faster.
0.2mm layer height would make it look a tiny bit nicer, but at longer print time, what's the most important factor after size?

It slides onto a KJN 20mm section tightly and can be moved up and down with some force applied (2 fingers+thumb), it feels like a very nice fit, so the.STL is well dimensioned I would say.

The photos are about 15 minutes after printing, straight off the printer - (printed in Faberdashery Cherry blossom pink)

My dimensions read as 19.97, 19.98 and 1.51, (1.52 and 1.53 measured on the other gaps)

Mendelmax 1.5 (Slicer 0.9.1)

; layer_height = 0.3
; perimeters = 1
; solid_layers = 3
; fill_density = 0.25
; perimeter_speed = 65
; infill_speed = 75
; travel_speed = 290
; scale = 1
; nozzle_diameter = 0.42
; filament_diameter = 2.86
; extrusion_multiplier = 1
; single wall width = 0.47mm
; first layer single wall width = 0.80mm

Slic3r Version 0.9.5 / 0.9.6 is not happy :(

Having some problems with an Alternative J-head design from 'RepRap me'

Details here in this thread on the forum - (I'll update the progress on this) -

As bought from RepRap me on eBay -

Alternative design? -

Tantillus - Jan2013

50mm Motor mount modification

Tantillus build - using 1.75mm Filament.

NYLON Printing - Taulman 618 - Jan 2013


Amazing layer bonding and only a little warp on cold 3M blue tape (Using 1.75mm Filament)

Tiny Printing for RepRap competition Jan2013

For some idea of scale -
The UK £1 coin is 22.5mm in diameter.
A EU 1 Euro coin is 23.25mm in diameter
And a USA Quarter Dollar coin is 24.26mm diameter.

Yoda - 17.75mm high

19mm high

Odd spikes on Gcode - Slic3r 0.9.8 release

More micro Printing - Feb 2013

Dump truck at 50% of normal scale- Thingiverse Here

Gear ring model by Paulbelcher  (Not working just yet)

 Plus Vase model by BenitoSanduchi - Nice vase, quite a challenging print. - Showing 50% size of the left, then 25% then 12.5% and finally 8% - All hollow printed in PLA

12.5% - on a UK £1 coin.

8% - on a UK £1 coin.

100% solid line infill 100% size Bottle opener
0.2mm Layers
140mm/sec infill speed
120mm/sec perimeter
Using the Prusa Nozzle
Natural PLA 3mm
Fan cooling the print - single object printed.
Total print time = 29mins 16 seconds.
Two perimeters.

Bi Cube Competition and E3D Extruder testing - April 2013

25% line infill - Bi Cube model 100% size
0.25mm Layers
65mm/sec infill speed
60mm/sec perimeter
2.5mm extruder retraction.
15 seconds minimum layer time - (needs to be a bit longer really - some curling)
Using the E3D Nozzle - 0.4mm / Stainless Steel
Gold PLA 1.75mm - 190 Degrees C
Small fan cooling the print - single object printed.
Two perimeters.

Heated (64 Deg C) Mirror-Glass bed with Hairspray layer

Brim to aid sticking to Heated Bed.

The RepRap Magazine !

Mini Maker Faire - July 2013 Elephant and Castle - London

3DR gets a public outing - and attracts a lot of attention!

 Makey Makey :)

Interactive installations


Mixing colour fun on 3DR with Faberdashery PLA.

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