Sunday 31 August 2014

It's 3D Printing Show Season in the UK again

Hello everyone,

This is a short holding post for now, I'll update it with further details about the two very special UK 3D printing consumer/trade shows coming up over the next few months.

3D printing is constant, and shows are going all around the world, almost all the time. This last year we have seen an explosion of events, conferences and shows. We are really lucky to have two very big 3D Printing shows in the UK during September and October.

I will be at both shows for the entire duration, do try to make them if you can, and if you would like to talk to me about 3D printing or anything else, let me know in the comment or send me an e-mail or message @RichRap3D - I would be really pleased to meet up with more of you.

Also if there is anything you want me to check out, research or investigate at the shows, just let me know.

The 3DPrintshow running from the 4th - 6th September in London - Further details about the event are here. 

And also the TCTShow running from the 30th September - 2nd October at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre -Register and find out more here

- Also more development updates coming very soon - 

Universal Pellet Extruder - I'm releasing my work-to-date on a RepRap Pellet / Granular Extruder as an Open Source Community project. I'll update with a video, details, design's and files, all very soon. Really excited about this one :) as you can imagine.

And also lots of you have been asking, so a new post on the Universal Filament spool standard I proposed back in March. I'll update you with all the best discussions I had with manufacturers and users, and also further details about the specification.

See you soon,