Friday 7 January 2011

Goals for RepStrap V2.0 Machine

My Design Aims for the RichRap RepStrap Version 2.0 Machine are - 
  • Faster print speed - (This is my main driving factor after having a slow Repstrap for 6 months).
  • Change to Ballscrews on X and Y Axis (not sure about Z at the moment).
  • Revised Electronics (Mega based - interim version for 2011, until I get my other set finished).
  • Integral Electronics Tray and wiring with reliable connectors.
  • Change from a fixed to Moving Y bed and print platform.
  • Remove the Gantry head arrangement for the Z axis - Need to think of a simple way to do this...
  • Simplify the Z axis by using dual Nema 17 motors (I may regret that decision...).
  • Increase build-area to 300mm x 450mm x 300mm (Y being easily changed from 100mm upwards).
  • Have easy-fit/remove build platform at different sizes and thickness.
  • Vertical mount Extruders.
  • Dual Extruder ends with remote mounts for Bowden mounted extruders
  • Switch to Herringbone Extruder Gears.
  • Filament coil store and supply feed for 2 reels built into the machine.
  • Heated bed.
  • Resistor block Hot-ends.
  • Multiple Thermistors / readings.
  • Use as many off-the-shelf components as possible.
  • Use the off-the-shelf parts to maintain quality and accuracy in the design.
  • Do the minimum amount of machining as possible. - But I may do some just for fun as I have a shabby Lathe and Band saw now.
  • Where I need to do machining then it needs to be non-critical or easily adjusted to retain quality.

I Intend to be inventive to keep costs down.

* I don't intend to use Belts in this model, but I have a long-term plan for a miniature design using belts instead of Ballscrews maybe directly after this one.

So why don't I just make a Mendel?
 - Well I like the thought of a machine I can build and design myself and I have learnt alot from the first attempt last summer.
And finally it should cost the same to update my RepStrap as it would to make a Mendel, so here we go!

First Z Motor Mount plate (50mm Alu Angle)

First parts of the new X stage, supported with 16mm Linear Bearings and a 30mm x 60mm Aluminum frame that will incorporate the Z vertical movement by using Delrin and leadscrews.

The above plan may sounds like this will be far away from the reprap project goals as it's still using Aluminum and machined components, but I intend that this machine will make it easier for me to develop real self replicating machines in the future. Also Aluminium is 100% recyclable so on that front it's not anti-reprap.



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