Thursday 6 January 2011

The Plan! RepStrap V2.0

I have no machine! it's stripped for a complete makeover...

The RepStrap makeover uses more MCS Aluminium framework.

And Ballscrews for the X and Y Axis.
Z Axis will be Trapezoidal lead-screw or just M8 rod to start with.

I also invested in a Fury3 Chop-Saw for Christmas, this can cut Steel, Aluminium and Wood with one blade - Nice!

Some off-the-shelf Internal R/A fittings and also external brackets will be used this time instead of R/A cut Aluminium.

It's easy to cut, drill and fix together with T-nuts and bolts.

And the last things I printed with Repstrap V1 before taking it apart included a load of Extruder parts, including these nice Herringbone Gears by Rhys Jones -Here > Thingiverse - Rhys Jones Herringbone

Quite a few people have done work on Herringbone gears, Forrest Higgs has a nice post here about them Here > -Forrest Higgs (Herringbone Rack and Pinion) -

Forrest's RepRap Blog is here - 

These parts will hopefully get me printing again if the V2 RepStrap does not go to plan...

This is the point I should have made a 3D model of my new machine, but I have a whole load of Ideas that may or may not work and I always find it better to evolve as I go.

I'm going to start cutting Aluminium later, hopefully I will have something to post in the next few days, and I'll try to get up a list of what I'm planning to achieve with this new design.

Onwards - >


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