Sunday 9 January 2011

V2.0 X+Z

Machine stripped back to just the frame and now the Y axis (bed) is moving so no more slow Gantry. This means that the frame is fixed in the middle for the X and Z stages to move on and Y will move back and forth like Mendel.  

Frame is made from 30x30 and 30x60 Aluminium MCS (Machine Construction system)
Some parts like the bed and Extruder mounts are made from 20x20mm to reduce size and weight.

Most of the mounting brackets will be re-made from Aluminium Angle and a small number of parts made from Wood or Polycarbonate, like the motor mounts and Ballscrew attachments.
X Stage mounts (x 2)

Drilled - ready for assembly.

The two X stage mounts hold the two 12mm Rails using off-the-shelf rail clamps.
X stage that is mounted to a 30mm x 60mm Rail to attach to the moving Z frame.

The Linear bearing blocks ( x 4, only 2 shows in photo) and the 16mm Ballscrew allow 32cm of X movement.

Z NEMA 17 Motor Brackets (Left and Right mirrored) from 50mm Alu Angle

Drilled - ready to mount the two NEMA 17 motors that will drive the Z axis.
Flexible motor couplers connect to the Z drives (M8 rod for now) maybe change to Trapezoidal lead-screws later (if it all actually works)...

Looking like a machine again. You should be able to see the 16mm Vertical rails that guide the X stage up and down.

Wiring should be integral into the frame (but I may decide not to do that).
It should be easily enclosed in Polycarbonate or Acrylic if desired.

The next job is getting the whole Z axis to move on home-made Delrin bushes. I plan to fix them inside the 60 x 30mm X Axis frame so it can move up and down. This will require my now working OLD Lathe and it will be the first time I actually use it for anything.


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