Monday, 9 May 2011

Bowden extruder configuration and final mechanical assembly

I have now reached the point of axis testing and calibration, all the mechanics are now working and hopefully apart from a bit of oil and adjustments I should have ScrewBallStrap running in the next few days.

This is the machine with the Full size build-bed, about 330mm x 480mm
I'm going to only use half of it for initial testing, this is easy as I just slide out one end and change the 20mm x 20mm supports to be smaller.

This will be the smaller build bed for testing the machine (slightly over A4 sized)

I have mounted the Bowden extruder on the underside of the electronics at an angle so I can keep the PTFE delivery tube as short as possible to the hot-end.

Side view makes it a little easier to understand - 
E = Electronics Box.
A = The Rubber isolation points, these provide vibration isolation and also allow the platform (B) to be angled.
B = 12mm Polycarb base.
C = Is the point where the filament enters the Extruder from the back of the machine.
D = The filament exits the extruder inside the PTFE deliver tube.

A back view of the same assembly.

More testing later and some updates to follow, it's getting close to printing now.