Thursday 19 May 2011

First real useful printed thing from Screwball-Bot.

I'm well away now, it's printing nicely (much better) after the snapped flexi-drive replacement.
Whosawhatsis Filament Spool Holder
Added another aluminium support to do the filament guide, the split is 2mm so perfect for 1.75mm  loading .

Spool arm number 1.
Bearings fitted perfectly.

The above image may not look it but it's as smooth as glass bar just a few blobs.
I am very happy with the results from Reprap Java host, but as I was printing these filament arms I noticed exactly the same flaws in the print, above left and right are two printed arms and both have blobs on the corners at exactly the same point in the print, this must be a GCODE generation thing in Java host?

I really need to start using Skeinforge to get better prints I think...

Now to print more things.

Thanks for looking.


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