Thursday 26 May 2011

Printing progress.

I finished my first 750grams of PLA at the weekend printing a collection of things so I can really check calibration and quality. It's clear I need better Gcode generation and further control over my Bowden setup, so the next challenge is learning and getting Skeinforge to work with Screwball-Bot.

Printing the 3D Knot by MakeALot

And the Double helix challenge by chylld

The other objects from Thingiverse are as follows if you want to try them out -

Bearing for filament spindle by chylld

Bucket O' Octopi by yeoldebrian

Frog by owenscenic

Whistle by Zaggo

3D printable Heart by emili

For size reference, here are all of them on Screwball-Bot.

I now want to print some really big things, but a heated build platform is going to be required for doing that... 

Thanks, and happy printing!



  1. Very impressive machine you have made. Congrats to the good Job.

  2. Thanks Lucas,

    It's still evolving, but i'm pleased with it.


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