Tuesday, 8 March 2011

RAMPS+ Electronics Build up

I printed (Toner Transfer) another RAMPS+ PCB, this time with standard FR4 material, 1oz Copper.

It came out perfectly, so I drilled it and started the assembly -

The RAMPS Wiki page is missing a good Component Ident (silk screen), if I get time I will upload one, so it's hard to see what parts I have fitted, but as with all DIY PCB assembly, you should try to start with the lowest components first and fit the tallest ones last.

Single sided RAMPS boards need a few wire links on the top, some in blue here.
the 6way 0.1" headers select the Stepping mode for the Pololu carrier boards.

I'm using Screw down terminals for motor and Mosfet outputs.
The RAMPS layout does not really provide much room for slightly chunkier components, I will give everything much more room on the PCB when I layout my new electronics design.

About  80% completed. I'm not going to fit the 2nd and 3rd extruder positions at the moment.

And talking of Extruders I was inspired by Adrian's micro extruder so I had a push on to finish the hardware for my first Bowden extruder. It will be able to swap from 3mm to 1.75mm Filament easily. And then I plan to print a dual extruder version if the hand-made one works out and the Bowden cable operation is ok - 
more on that in the next Blog post.



  1. A great result! I'm also going to make RAMPS home, but can not find an image for printing. Could you please send it to me domingo@tut.by or to share information, where you can download it?

  2. Looking awesome layout of this pcb .. Nice post.. i will try to design this type of circuit board.
    pcb assembly


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