Saturday, 12 March 2011

RAMPS+ DIY build completed

I have finished building my RAMPS+ board, apart from the last few Pololu Stepper carriers as they are still out of stock in the UK. :(
But by 18th march they should start to ship out more Pololu steppers to people, so hopefully I can test it fully around then.

And while I waited for those I have just finished my first Bowden Extruder with a 1.75mm filament drive and my own design of a push-fit style hot-end, photo's and more on that tomorrow.



  1. i like your board, though i was wondering why the bigger pololu drivers on the side there.?

    i do like the conectors your using for your steppers though.

  2. Hi,

    I plan to use the extra two Pololu steppers to drive extruders, so the PCB is designed to be cut so these can be placed closer to the extruder. So I selected the Pololu stepper carriers with the on-board Voltage regulators for this purpose, then you only need to run the +12V to the extruder. I hope this should give me reduced electrical noise doing it this way.

    Yes I really like these connectors, they do work fine without the screws, but it's nice to know that are not going to vibrate loose.


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