Saturday, 23 December 2017

Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 22 using Polyalchemy Elixir snow white Filament

December advent calendar - modular Christmas tree
3D Printing advice #Day 22

For the background and introduction - Day #1 Post click here

Christmas Advent 2017 Download on Thingiverse here - designed by Tom Van den Bon  With some help for each day by the South African Makers team.

It's time for Day #22

Day 22 gift is designed by Shaun Nadan-  It's a Christmas Scene.

Christmas scene is printed in Polyalchemy Elixir Natural (snow white).

I was really happy with the print quality, 0.15mm layers, normal PLA settings

This is a very small model, so the details really came out well.

I was originally intending to print this snow scene in Laybrick (By Kai Parthy) filament. But my roll of Laybrick is around 4 or so years old now, and it has become brittle and unusable :(

My Laybrick filament is no longer usable (around 4 years old).

Laybrick is about the closest to 'snow' look, and even texture, you are likely to get in a filament. It has powdered chalk as the filler. Prints like sandstone, cold and oddly both smooth and rough at the same time to the touch. It's a little like using plaster or clay.

I will get another roll of Laybrick and show you what it can do at some point in 2018. Until then I have used the wonderful Polyalchemy Elixir, for a shining version of this Christmas snow scene.

I was going to tell you all about Laybrick, but I'll save that for a future post. Just one quick thing to note if you try any Laybrick materials. Do be careful what print surface you use. It can bond quite strongly to PEI, Tufnol and even coated glass. I have damaged a few heated bed / coatings using Laybrick, take care.

Days 1 to 22 of the Advent Christmas Tree. 

Day #22 is completed. We are in to the final countdown very shortly. 

The story, or maybe the moral of the story today is to use materials as soon as you can. Many filament's can become brittle or unusable over considerable time. My Laybrick was a casualty of not remembering, that I still had a roll at the very bottom of the filament storage box.

Join me next time for Day #23 - I'm also going to update you on the status of the Olsson Ruby nozzles. I plan to remove them, and inspect how they are holding up. Join me next time to find out.

Thanks for reading.


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