Monday, 17 October 2011

South West RepRap meet up October 2011

Just a quick post about the South West (UK) RepRap regional meeting event last weekend.

If you want to come along (everyone welcome) to the next one please check the Regional South West RepRap forum here and also the eMaker forum.

First a BIG thank you to Rob for hosting the event, providing us all with a great stew (Really Good) and also the RepRap CAKE !!! (See below)

RepRap Cake by Rob's other half.

Thank you to Cadical (Rich) for a really good overview of loads of 3D software programs, tools and gadgets (I'm pondering a 3D mouse as I type this) and the Kinetic demo's were really cool - 3D scanning next time I think.

Thanks to Faberdashery for providing Drinks and the great pumpkin growing kits!
Real Pumpkins for inspiration !

There were plenty of eMaker Huxley's around the place. Jean-Marc was also there, but I didn't get a picture of him or his eHuxley that was printing very well indeed.

We had some great discussions about 3D printing, materials and plastic's, machine upgrades and future design ideas and generally everything you would want to discuss with like-minded creators.

So thanks to everyone for making the day great fun.

Just a few of the machines and prints, I didn't get time to take any more photo's

I can't wait until the next time, I hope lots of you can make the next one, they are a very fine way to spend a day. Good times.

If anyone is up for a massive object challenge (May need a group of you) I have put a very large Pumpkin up on thingiverse Here, it's not my design, but I have sliced it up and scaled each piece to make a really grand sized Pumpkin.

And one last thing - I have a Flickr Account now, so I'll pop up pictures here at random points in time. along with all the usual places.



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