Tuesday 28 September 2010

WADE Extruder parts printed - And My UP! Bearing finished

They all printed well, just a very small warp in the big part, and it messed up the last top layer for some reason?

The big Cog is perfectly flat, I can't really understand why, I was expecting major warp on that.

I am using 2 layers of Kapton tape at 90degrees, I think it's making my prints stick-down better.

I now need to make the hobbed bolt and assemble it then re-calibrate my whole machine again.

I have also started on a Heated build-bed so as soon as I get both working I can start to print my parts for mendel.

I also forgot to mention that I re-started my UP! Bearing print (by hacking the first 27 layers out of the GCode), it finished and the bearing worked !  I'm still amazed that it all fused together especially after a long gap between printing the first half and the second.
See the blue line -

And it rotated 180 degrees.

This is full-size, I did try a another at 50% size but that didn't work very well.

It's printing the Stanford Bunny at the moment to celebrate getting my extruder parts made.
- Bunny - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3731 -check it out, a great model.


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