Wednesday 22 September 2010

How I made my Basic Extruder -

I Just thought  I would put up a few photos showing my first basic extruder, it's working very well and I have used off-the shelf Aluminium 16mm clamps -

You can get these from many places for just a few pounds each (£1.50, $2, 2Euro).

These both hold it to my Repstrap frame and also constrain the PEEK/PTFE hot-end.

It also has the added advantage of cooling the hot-end PEEK, so less of the heat travels up towards the extruder - all good things.

It's just a basic Pinch at the moment, I plan to print a Geared Extruder over the next few days and use the same 16mm Aluminium mounts on that.



  1. Hi,

    You say the clamps are available at many places, but could you identify a few. I quickly checked Ebay and didn't find any.


  2. Hello,

    Sorry I should have provided a few links -

    I got mine from Zapp Automation -

    I may try this company next time I need some -

    And this one on Ebay is 20mm -

    They are known as 'round rail mounts' or as the ebay one 'spindle motor mount'

    Let me know if you use one or find another use for one - I am thinking about using one as the start of a hot-end Heater-block, if I can find a 6mm or 8mm one...



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