Saturday, 17 October 2015

BCN3D Technologies SIGMA 3D Printer review and thoughts

Hi Everyone, 

I have been testing the new BCN3D Technologies Sigma 3D printer over the last few weeks. I thought you might like to hear my views about it. This is the 3D printer I have been waiting for this year, and I'm not disappointed at all.

Most of my comments are in the video (below and on YouTube) - This is basically an introduction video to the BCN3D Technologies Sigma 3D Printer - Dual carriage extruder system, professional printing on the desktop - I take a look at dual colour and soluble support materials along with my overall thoughts on the Sigma 3D Printer, who it's aimed at and does it provide value for money (Yes, yes it does).

I'll be posting more about my use of the Sigma, so if you have any questions, or want me to test something specific or just want more about any aspect of it, do let me know in the comments here or on YouTube, on G+ or on Twitter @RichRap3D

BCN3D Technologies SIGMA 3D Printer

The BCN3D Technologies SIGMA 3D Printer 

Just to be clear, I don't work for BCN3D - I'm wearing the BCN3D shirt to show support for a really fantastic team and such a well designed 3D Printer. More people need to be aware of BCN3D - they are a serious 3D printing company who have scaled up in every way from their early RepRap roots at the Barcelona University.

For a further back story on the Sigma and information about BCN3D Technologies - Do also take a look at my visit to see them earlier on this year over on the DisruptiveMagazine Blog - Parts 1 and 2 - 

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Above is my introduction video and review of the Sigma - if you are looking for a new or first (or second / 12th ) 3D printer it could be a very good use of 17mins, I hope you find it useful.

It's also over on YouTube here in HD if you prefer.

Solid Aluminium monocoque frame / enclosure

Custom Electronics

Full colour LCD touch screen, with simple to use controls.

Dual independent extruder carriages - allows for perfect dual colour printing, or the use of soluble support materials.

PVA soluble support material

Dual colour printing

In my eyes both the Sigma and BCN3D Technologies have a lot of credibility, they certainly deserve more global awareness on what they are doing and the machines they are manufacturing

The Sigma is a great 3D Printer. Value for money and robust. Like all 3D Printers it's not perfect, but for someone that wants 3D Printed parts and is not so interested in tinkering, the Sigma is my solid recommendation of where to spend your money and a company to support. They have a long-term view of 3D printing, Sigma is just the start, and what a machine to start with.

The key message here is that most new users looking for a 3D printer now, will be interested in the 3D Printed parts it makes, not so much with the tinkering or constant upgrading. This is a 3D printer that prints, well and reliably. If you need a production machine, say for running a 3D printing Hub. Sigma is a very good choice indeed.

Thanks for watching and reading, 

See you again very soon for yet another 3D Printer review. Busy October!




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