Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sli3DR 3D Printer design files up on Youmagine

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update to say the design files, source files and other info are now (finally) up on Youmagine (and GitHub) - Yay!

Yet another 'FreeD' RepRap Printer for you to play with :)

Sli3DR, originally discussed here, (wow! was that really back in July,  sorry for the delay, time is going fast) - files are now posted up on Youmagine Here

Do also take a look at the images on Youmagine to see how to build one, most of the fittings are M3 and M4.

You will need some 20mm Alu extrusions - (sizes on Youmagine) and some M4 V groove bearings (eBay)

I have added Repetier Firmware for it up on my GitHub here

It's also as a RAR archive on the Sli3DR Youmagine page 

Firmware is setup and running for RAMPS 1.4

You can configure Repetier Firmware for other Hardware using the fancy online tool here - Load the Config.json file.

This time, I didn't do a Marlin release for it, if you make one, let me know or just share it.

 I hope you build one, the print results I have had from it are outstanding.

0.2mm Layers - Really great Z -layer registration - finally as good as my Delta's - 
My quest for the perfect Cartesian Z axis is complete... for now.



License, project and contact info -

This Design is part of the RichRap Sli3DR 3D Printer (A RepRap project)

Thank you for downloading, please be aware and abide by the license all these files.

The RichRap Sli3DR 3D Printer uses an Attribution - ShareAlike Creative Commons V3 (CC BY-SA 3.0) -

This License is not greatly restrictive at all, so please don't forget to attribute my work and acknowledge.

If you decide to print and sell these or make further changes, improvements or additions, that's great! I want you to do that !

I hope this work has been of some use to you, if you wish to say hello or donate towards further developments please see my Blog here -

Many thanks - Richard Horne (RichRap)

Please feel free to contact me.

My website -
Catch me on Twitter @RichRap3D
Watch me on YouTube -

Please see for information about the RepRap Project.
Please visit the RepRap forum -

These files were originally shared on  -          

Please support this growing and open community.

Sli3DR What? - Reminder what Sli3DR is -

Sli3DR - (pronounced Slider)
Sli3DR is not a Delta based printer, rather it's based on an intriguing 'unnamed mechanism' that was floating around on the RepRap Forum and G+ last year. Billy ZelsnackIdentified it as used in a very old (Rikadenki) Pen Plotter design here.  A few people have tried it out for 3D printing using off the shelf mechanical parts, I wanted to make it with 3D printed parts and Spectra Line based on this mechanism. 

Edit - This bit's updated for correct back credit of bringing the mechanism to the attention of the RepRap and 3D printing community - David Moorhouse over on G+ showed a cable bot design 1st November 2013, see here -

David's original video sparked great discussion over the mechanism, Tim Rastall Made a great sketch of the 'unnamed mechanism' - still unnamed as far as I know. 

It just needs a door and it's complete.

Spectra Line - Fantastic stuff.

All the essential 3D printed parts

Designed for an E3D V5/6 hot-end

Hopefully the 3D model of the entire machine in Sketchup will help you understand it, if you decide to build one questions are best asked over on the Youmagine Sli3DR comments page here

Happy Building, and as always let me know if you build one... or thousands.

And a quick grumble about backing up files - I had a hard drive crash last night, and like all disasters with computers it wasted a lot of time trying to restore things. I'm not yet sure how much was lost, most was backed up, but the last 3 months - not so much. I do already know I lost half of the 3DRnano V2 design I was working on a few months back. That caused much swearing and grumpy kicking of things.

Instead of getting too annoyed, I managed to finally release Sli3DR, so at least that's made me happy again. - If you do nothing else tonight, back up your projects to a memory stick, or on-line.

I will be releasing 3DRmega next, (as soon as possible) stay tuned.

Back soon.




  1. May I suggest you Dropbox as a cloud storage space?

    1. Hi Miguel, I do use Dropbox, and will be using it a LOT more now. I was also reminded how easy GitHub was to use. in 10mins I had everything up, Youmagine had a few more issues getting files up correctly without loading errors etc. That was more like 1 hour of work.

  2. Copy is owned by barracuda networks, a security firm, and has lawyer level security. It also starts you with 15 gig of space, 20 if you use this link to sign up AND reply to the confirmation email AND load the copy app on your computer. They also boost me another 5 gig if you do all that. Dropbox is a little easier to use, but for sheer secure space I think copy is currently on top. I use both.

    1. Hi Doug, Thanks I will check that out too. Off to buy a SSD now for my rather old Laptop.

  3. You are THE Man Richard!! Thank you once again!

  4. Richard. i need help with the delta, is there anyway i can contact you? can you email me? that way you dont give out your email ;)

  5. I would honestly stave off dropbox and simply use either crashplan or backblaze for backups, as that's what they are designed for. I personally use Crashplan but have used backblaze before (I only changed because crashplan has local backup capability in addition to cloud).

  6. Hello Rich, This is a fantastic build and the OpenBuilds Team would be honored if you would not mind also sharing it to build site if possible. We have been working hard on the site to create an easy to use repository of project/machine builds. The community of open source builds is growing rapidly there and the Sli3DR would be a welcomed addition. Also wanted to say thank you for the awesome work you do on your blog, we love to follow along.

  7. Rich Good night, I'm a doubt in support of the z-axis table, how to fix the line and do not see how the files can not see. Would explain this? Hold and thank you for showing the files for download.

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  9. thanks a lot Rich ...
    was looking at starting with my 3rd & 4th machine build ... the Sil3DR it is :)

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