Saturday, 5 November 2011

Good enough to eat?

I'm not going to explain this one, just that it had to be done -

Ingredients and recipe - 
  • Scale to your required size, depending on 'taste', my Crumpet print is 80mm. 
  • 'Slice' with your choice of Gcode 'mixer' using a light and airy infill of about 5% - for about 10mins...
  • While that's working, prepare your choice of printing material, I have used Faberdashery PLA in Bling-Bling Gold and Buttercream, Mmmmmm. 
  • Carefully transfer over the file and plastic to your 3D printer making sure the file ingredients are complete and look sensible to print.
  • Preheat bed to around 65 Degrees.
  • Prepare nozzle and preheat to around 200 Degrees.
  • Print for about 35mins ensuring you have a good golden colour on the bottom and top, use a light filling.
  • Allow to cool a little.
  • Enjoy (looking at it) with a nice cup of tea.
And remember it's not just a crumpet... it's a MakeALot crumpet.

(DON'T EAT, Repeat with me, Don't eat.)

Gold base

Buttercream filling, Mmmmm.

The last 2 filled layer (of three) are gold, to give that toasted finish.

And a video to commemorate the event - 

For more of a clue as to the background why I'm printing Crumpets take a look on this thingiverse page

Thanks for Salivating :)