Thursday, 14 April 2016

Simplify3D Profile for the BCN3D SIGMA 3D Printer

Just a quick one - I thought some of you may be interested to test out a new profile for Simplify3D

I have shared my Version 5 Dual extruder profile for Simplify3D - this is for the BCN3D Technologies SIGMA 3D Printer. (Profile download the the end of this post)

Feel free to download and try it out if you want to experiment with the SIGMA and Simplify3D.

This is for Dual PLA at the moment, on the standard SIGMA with dual 0.4mm nozzles.

I have experimented with many more nozzle sizes and materials, so expect more profiles and tweaks in the future.

I wanted to see how more people get on with using the SIGMA under Simplify3D, so please do comment if you try it out - also please comment on what material / type and manufacturer you used / tried.

Above - Nervous System dual colour tree frog - very good model to test out dual extrusion printers - get it here

Above - Another great model for checking dual printing capability - The dual pen pot by Mark Durbin (MakeAlot) - Download the model here

One thing you will notice is that the tool change retraction is short, this is deliberate - so make it longer at your own risk! - I found that many complex dual prints would fail after many, many small retractions and rapid tool change-overs if the tool-change retraction was long (more than 6.5mm) - so it's shorter now, with added restart distance to make up for the ooze of a stationary tool.

The YouMagine Entry is also in open Wiki mode so anyone can edit it, and upload more profiles if you wish. If you make a new or improved profile, share and upload over on the same YouMagine page (Download here)

I'll have an update on using the BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer very soon.

Thanks for reading,